Word of the Day: impavid

In the last few nights, television bid adieu to two of its legends: 24 and Lost. It was all very bittersweet, and we are left with the May sweeps let down. So, thinking very much about the ending of these two icons of fine television, I give you the crossover to end all crossovers (until I come up with some other idea), in which Jack Bauer invades Lost.

Of course, I did one earlier, but, I’ve got no other ideas, and this one is totally different from that one. Really, I’m just being green. Recycling my own ideas, turning them into something new.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Eighteen hours into the ninth longest day of Jack Bauer’s life, a promising lead has been captured, and Jack has settled into his usual interrogation¬† mode. The criminal, who is almost to be pitied,offers the only hope of preventing a terrible, convoluted, terror plot from coming into fruition.

The interrogated criminal, hanging from the ceiling from his hands, looking more like a side of beef in a butcher shop, has just given Jack the name of his contact.

“Get the President on the phone, Chloe. I have some news about the bomb, and she’s not going to like it.”

“Jack, I have the “President on the line.”

“Mr. President, I don’t have time to explain, but, I’ve just gotten credible evidence that the source of the time travel field is some island. It’s not on any chart, and…” He trailed off, an idea flitting onto his mind. “Wait, one second, sir. I do have the time. It’s a time travel device. We could prevent this thing from ever happening. Of course, if I used it, Events would not unfold in real time. Hmm.”

Jack turned to his companion, who is barely conscious. “Look. You’re going to tell me how to use this device.”

The poor man sneered weakly. “Why would I tell you that? You’re just going to shoot me anyway. You don’t want to use that thing. Really. You can’t imagine how it will mess with your mind, or the universe, and all that crap. And no one will be able to follow you.”

Jack looked frustrated. “If I’d have wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already. You have my word that you will live to see tomorrow.” Jack, alwas impavid, took a deep breath. “Look.Time travel doesn’t scare me. What does is the thought of one of those devices going off in this city. I will find out out how to use this device, and I will use it to get some rest for once on one of these marathons. Also, maybe a snack and shower.”

“Chloe! Get me a satellite feed on the Island! Linus was last seen there, and he *knows* how the bomb got onto the subway!”

“Jack! I’m working on it. That island is not exactly easy to pinpoint. I have to not only guess where it is, but, *when.* It’s not exactly easy.”

“I have something that will help. It’s the device they use to pop around in time.”

“Jack, that’s great! I’ll have someone get to work on it. Can you upload a picture of the device on your phone?”

“Uploading it now. Do you think I can activate it?”

Chloe shook her head. “I doubt it. It looks like it takes a huge amount of energy, and is likely to cause some sort of huge electromagnetic displacement.” She paused, considering. “Jack, I think this thing *is* the bomb. They planned to send the island of Manhattan into the past!”¬†

The clock ticked the final seconds of the hour, then faded to silence.

I think that’s not too bad for tonight. Until tomorrow.

impavid / IM – paav – id / fearless, unafraid.


  1. Saralinda says

    Wow! It is possible to tie up all the loose ends! Why didn’t someone do it 5 or so years ago?