I love getting postcards. I love the surprise of a colorful piece of mail appearing in my post box. These ordinary bits of card stock are a bit of connection with another person, who took the time to write me a few words, and sent something delightful in the mail. It’s magic.

I started trying to share that magic with my friends and family by sending them cards, which is almost as good as getting them. As my postcard mania has grown, I found the postcard exchange site Postcrossing. Spending time on their blog, and seeing all the different postcards people were sending, I became inspired to create my own unique cards. I wanted to try to make postcards that allowed for more connection, that were more than just a picture. That’s when I started to create some experimental postcards that would be unique and would cultivate wonder, curiosity and connection.

Postcard 001: Advent Calendar.

Postcard 002: Please Send Me

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