Please Send Me — Postcard Recipients


Did you get one of these in your mailbox? Tell us which one of the 50 cards you received!

Please Send Me — Postcard Finders









Did you find one of these cards in the wild? If so, share where you found it!

If you can remember which one you found, include the number of the card. And, please, send on to someone. No need to share *where* you sent it, let it be a surprise, and give the recipient a chance to log it him/herself.


Postcard Advent Calendar

Did you get a card that looks like this?

Postcard Advent Calendar. Scratch-off stickers cover the image. Scratch them off one at a time to reveal the whole picture.


I’d love to hear from you about how the card fared in the mail. Did the spots get scratched in the postal machinery? Did any of the spots fall off (there should be 25)?

Also, I’d love to hear any feedback you have about the card. Is there something that can be done to improve future versions? Would you like to get future postcard experiments? If so, mention that in the comments, too.