Word of the Day: indocible

I am not completely convinced that the universe is allowing time to elapse at the same rate for me as it does for other people. I think I’m losing about 2-3 hours everyday. If anyone has seen them or has extra hours they can send my way, that’d be terrific.

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As in:

It was a big day for the Glen Valley Mall, where the local dance studio was presenting its students on the center stage. Of course, this was not what made the event so exciting; the mall showcased the valley’s finest several times a year. It was, after all, a small town, with one mall and one dance studio.

What made this performance special was the talent scout, who had traveled all the way from New York City to see the studio’s shining prodigy. The owner of the studio, herself retired from a moderately successful career in New York, had used her contacts to alert them to this “star of the future” who had been excelling under her expert tutelage. She hope to find more opportunities for her pupil, perhaps to help clear some tarnish off of her own faded star.

Michell Ross was the talent scout who had drawn the short straw to visit Nowheresville, USA. He was dreading the exhibition of aggressively average students, and the fawning attention of the entire town. The parents would probably be the worst, likely closely followed by the teacher. ┬áHe didn’t know her, but, she did have a reputation with enough stature to merit his trip. Maybe she did have something. He would know soon enough.

He arrived at the mall early. He liked to watch the drama incognito, before everyone figured out who he was. He noticed the stage mothers and the fathers trying not to look like they wished they could be somewhere else, even if it was just time to be in the actual audience where they knew what they should be doing. He noticed that the dancers were more frightened than he expected, beyond mere stage jitters, even accounting for the anticipated increase in anxiety to be expected by the appearance of a talent scout.

And then he saw *her.* There was no mistaking who was the Queen of the Drama. The students cowered before her, avoiding eye contact and hoping desperately to escape notice. One child burst into tears when she rounded the corner to nearly bump into the dance diva.

Ross wanted to smack her. No students should be that afraid of their instructor. These were just kids! They should be enjoying themselves, not fearing for their lives.

The performance began. The first group of children was decidedly average. In their anxiety, they made mistakes, and soon their instructor started shouting something about the children being imbeciles, who were showing themselves to be swine who had trodden on her pearls of wisdom. She called them absolutely indocible. Soon her words had turned to naught but a stream of angry words.

Ross looked over, appalled at her behavior, and noticed that she seemed to have grown three sizes, and steam was pouring out of her ears. It was at this moment, that the scout realized that this was not a metaphorical transformation.

The transformation had turned her into a flying creature, with yellow and black stripes. People screamed. Ross’s brain screamed “BEE,” and he fled. Her ranting had become buzzing, and she flew around the mall, ripping people apart in her terrible anger. The crowd dispersed, running for shelter. Parents ran to find their children. Everyone was confused and shocked. Nothing like this had ever happened in the mall.

In later years, no one spoke about the incident. No one mentioned the reason why not one resident of the town ever danced again, nor did anyone talk about the large nest that had taken over the abandoned mall.


I had no idea that the story was going to go there. I had been planning a pointless discussion between the scout and the instructor, having nothing to do with dancing or anything, and then all of the sudden I had a monster insect. I think I need to go to bed now.

indocible / in – DOS – eh – bull / unteachable


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