Word of the Day: janizary

I’m staring the think I might be a bit bird brained lately. Or, maybe it’s just the bird flu.

Today’s Word:


As in:

This is the tale of two friends, one a chicken, and one a turkey. For many years, the turkey followed the chicken around, through the farm yard, around the coup and across the road. The chicken, a retired member of the Chinese Chicken Army, who was used to having at least one janizary, didn’t mind at all, and eventually, the two became friends. In fact, the chicken’s tales of his days in the Chinese Chicken Army began to inspire the turkey, and soon, he decided it was time that the turkeys, like their fowl cousins, take to beak against their oppressors.

So the turkey, under the direction of the chicken, began to train his fellow coup mates for the defense of the common bird. Within months, the newly empowered turkeys were ready to strike at their oppressors and present their manifesto of poultry rights. The turkeys were fighting for the right to be again considered for the prestigious post of “National Emblem of the United States,” freedom from the annual Thanksgiving dinner craze, voting rights, guess spots on Budweiser commercials with other “cute amphibian animal stars,” and the chance to personally peck the eyes out of Martha Stewart.


This story is dedicated to my sister Beth, as it was inspired by her goofy Thanksgiving joke:

Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was stapled to the chicken.

Type to you all tomorrow.

janizary: \JAN-eh-zehr-e\ a very loyal follower.


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