Word of the Day: feculent

We have found ourselves at Friday Eve, and I’m running late yet again.

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As in:

The Orange County Coroner’s office announced today that it will investigate the death of a man who was hit by a flying metal object at Disneyland earlier this week.

Police officials are suspicious of the death, the first at the park in a decade, because eyewitnesses claim that the metal did not come from a failed mooring, as park officials claim, but rather from a strange weapon, which witnesses insist was fired by none other than international symbol of goodwill, Mickey Mouse.

“Yeah, I saw him. That mouse isn’t fooling anybody anymore. He just shot that thing straight at him. Cold-blooded, it was. And none of the park’s security even bothered to stop him. They just let him go to his little mouse house.” reported a witness.

Presently, no one has offered a motive for Mickey to shoot anyone, though conspiracy theorists suggest that perhaps the shooter was acting as a hit mouse.

Some witness feel like the fact that no one stopped the shooter suggest that the park itself was complicit in the killing. “I heard him say something about how he felt this wasn’t really the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ and that he’d been to a number of happier places. Then I saw some guys in black suits with dark glasses and headsets speak follow near him, and then they said something into them. A few moments latter, the Mouse appeared.”

One investigator, a former employee of the park, commented on the case, and said, “This whole thing stinks. I’m looking at the biggest cover-up since the sex-change operation of Peter Kloe, better known as ‘Mystery Spice’ before his secret leaked and the rest of the group kicked him out of the band. I haven’t smelled anything this feculent since Walt’s freezer broke down, and every thing thawed out. Everything. Walt, Goofy, (and let me tell you, he smelled like a thawed dog…) even a weird experiment from the 1960s, which I think had to do with aliens. It was really ugly, let me tell you.”


There hasn’t been a death at Disneyland recently, so, don’t be worried if you haven’t heard about it, there’s no cover-up in progress. Well, not one that I know about. And no, there really was no ‘Mystery Spice’ in the Spice Girls. And, I dunno if Walt Disney really did have himself frozen. It’s one of those urban legend sorts of things, but it is kind creepy, and so I added it.

feculent: / FEK – yoo – lent / filthy, foul, esp having the nature of, or containing, feces. Not a very pleasant, word, I suppose, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Word of the Day: peripatetic

In my head, I made a New Year’s resolution that I would send out a story every Monday thru Friday, starting today. It’s a resolution that is, frankly, a bit intimidating, but, I want you all to keep me going after this goal, which is why I’m typing it right here.

Today’s Word:


As in:

In February of 2001, a new theme park opened in Orlando, Florida. The park, called “The Holy Land Experience,” recreates famous Holy Land places and scenes from the Bible. Visitors can tour exhibits such as the tomb of Christ, Harod’s Temple and Qumran caves.

The park has several exhibits which are a source of controversy between the park’s creators and the Jewish community. The park’s founders says the goal of the park is to spread Christianity, but critics are at issue with the manner of the presentation.

One of the more controversial exhibits is a recreation of the Wilderness Tabernacle. The attraction features a multimedia presentation with Jewish songs and prayers. The park prominently displays Jewish symbols, and Jewish leaders are concerned that the park is creating false links between Judaism and Christianity.

Another controversial exhibit recreates the modern city of Jerusalem. In predominately Jewish settlements, visitors must avoid possible sites of terrorist violence, including cafes and public transportation. Visitors get special door prizes for correctly identifying peripatetic suicide bombers. In predominantly Palestinian areas, guests are invited to throw foam rocks at actors in Israeli anti-terrorist uniforms, and are invited to try there luck at evading identification and capture as a suicide bomber.


Happy New Year! See you on Monday.

peripatetic / pehr – uh- puh -TET -ik / walking about from place to place, pedestrian, itinerant