Making the mundane more festive!

I’m working on a bit of brain death today, but, I promised to post. I think. Anyway, this is another one of those “making the mundane fun” work e-mails I sent last year.

Subject: The Santa no one wants
“Wait, Wait!” you say,
“This cannot be!”
There is no Santa we’d wish to flee!
Alas, if I may
Just disagree
There is a He without devotee.

Santa of Science
His gifts: green fur
It causes foodstuffs to not long endure.

Food in the Fridge
Should not long be left
For the holiday Scientist elf.

Remove, then, your food
Hide the temptation
Avoiding his furry donation.

The deadline looms
This Thursday by noon
Else smells the guilty to impugn

This verse is probably not going to be a runaway Christmas favorite anytime soon, is it? Oh well.

If you are confused by that monstrosity, which is not entirely unlikely, the gist is this: please take out any food from the various fridges which will spoil over the holiday. This preparation needs to be completed before noon on Dec. 23rd to make sure that these items are not left in the building as a science experiment of a different sort.

In addition, I want to wish everyone a wonderful break. Stay warm and safe, relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.