Word of the Day: aeaeae

This word is especially cool as it is the only 6-letter, all vowel word. Ah, the English language, surprises around every corner.

Today’s Word:


As in:

The People’s Republic of China, not fully comprehending the folly of entrusting non-mammalian creatures to tasks best left for creatures higher on the food chain, recently began to train chickens to eradicate swarms of of insects that had, to this point, survived the attempts of humans to successfully contain the insect population. The Chicken Army of the People’s Republic, which numbers 10,000, was provided with sophisticated western weapons of destruction and advanced training, specially designed through the use of aeaeae to enable the chickens to effectively seek out and destroy tiny pests.

Unfortunately, after eradication of the insect hoards, the chickens, now empowered beyond the capacity of normal domesticated barnyard fowl, were prepared to strike back against their human oppressors.

With powerful beaks and sharp claws, the chickens quickly dispatched their human officers, including their pioneering military commander, Col. Sanders. The chickens, now mobilized, well-trained and gifted with magical properties, set on a course, which would, in time, allow them to rule the world.

I, for one, welcome our new chicken masters.

aeaeae / eye – EYE – ay / Magic.


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