The First Pachinko Ball

This item was entered into the SHUSH collection in 1919, shortly after it was used in the first game of pachinko in Japan. Before it was placed into the game machine, it was blessed by Shinto priests and rituals of fairness where performed. After the ball dropped through the matrix of pins, without registering a […]

Dead Sea Seashells, Segment E, part 6 of 6

  The final portion of our collection of seashells found on the shores of the Dead Sea, is the collection of nautilus shells. These shells are made by mollusks in the cephalopod class.. Cephalopods include squids and octopuses, and nautilus are the only cephalods whose external shell is the only manifestation of bony structure. They […]

Dead Sea Seashells, Segment D, part 5 of 6

  These shells are those of “keyhole” limpets. Like true limpets, the “keyhole” limpet has a conical shell. However, the creatures that produce these shells are a type of sea snails, and not closely related to limpets.The hole at the top allows the creature to expel water and waste. Typically, such snails are bottom feeders, […]

Dead Sea Seashells, Part 4 of 6, Segment C

Segment C is a group of small bi-valve shells. One of the shells also exhibits the characteristic circular hole in the apex of the shell. Like the other holed specimens, the hole looks like it was made with a drill, and, in this case, makes a convenient aperture for affixing a cord or chain for use […]