Postcard 003 – Mystery of the Missing Jewels

Instructions for Solving the puzzles

For each puzzle, the numbers in the clue will tell you where and how long the word is. For example, if you were given, “Hurry into the library or you will have to star1 2ain!” you would find that the answer is TAG (“starT AGain”). Or if you were given “I am the duke’s wife,” she says. “I answer the cal1 2 1xplorers need help. The answer would be LIFE (“calL IF Explorers)

You will get a set of such clues for each puzzle, and together they will suggest a common answer. For instance: The group word is five letters. The answers to the puzzle were: “tag,” “checkers,” “chess,” “life,” and “scrabble.” The five-letter word that describes all of those answers is “games.”

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels, pt 2: the Butler’s Tale

“The house was searched, top to bottom, but no sign of the necklace were discovered. Days passed. Nothing else of value was discovered out of its proper place. Only the jewelry, which is kept in a secure chest in the Master’s bedroom, were gone.”

“By this time, the mistress was in a towering temper, and more than one member of the staff was threatened with the horse4. 4es are not an unknown punishment in the household, of course, but threatening violence did not produce any confessions, nor did it turn up the valuables.”

“In the end, the responsibility was laid entirely upon myself, as the only person, aside from Lady Handscom herself, that has a key to the lock box. I was dismissed, and given a quarter hour to gather my belongings and leave the premisses. As I left, the worthless nephew of Lady Handscom, Emile, offered his parting shot ‘Be grateful you’ve only been sacked! If you’d been in my employ, I’d make sure your tie was replaced with a 5!’ “

“In cases such as these, guilty or not, dismissal is the usual proto3. 3ceny is not only a stain to my good name and job prospects, it’s a scandal the family wishes to avoid, especially as the jewels have not been located.”

He fell silent at this point, and looked toward Holmes expectantly.

The four answers from above suggest a word of four letters.

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels, pt 3: Suspects and Motives

“Recently, he has acquired a new set of debts, that his Lordship refuses to pay, cutting him off from the family purse. I believe Her Ladyship has only been feignin1 5 for his character and person our of familial duty, and that she would rather see the 5screws put to him, at the very least.”

“Indeed. Doubtless, he did not react well to having his allowance curtailed.” Holmes mused, a slight smirk on his face. The butler nodded. “Naturally, he flew into a rage, and it was only the threat of expelling him from the premises that calmed his immediate temper. If it had been my place, sir, that would’ve been the final 4 in the coffin. He’d have never again darkened my door again.”

Mr. Belevedere paused, and then, sudden realization on his face, he exclaimed, “That fight was just before I was asked to put the old crib in the stable…”

The five answers from above suggest a word of five letters.

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels pt 4:
A Crib in the Stable

“Yes. Strange. While the nursery hasn’t been used in years, taking that one article of furniture and nothing else is unusual. I set it inside, and, as requested, covered it in assorted tack and equipment from 4 on the wall.”

“Later that evening, after the household had retired, I happened to glance out of the window facing the stable, and I saw Lady Hanscomb leaving the stable. When I mentioned seeing this, she became nervous, and insisted that I must have imagined it. She told me it was not possible, as ‘she would never go near that filty stable after dark.’ Certainly, I’ve never seen here in the stables before, so I kept my silence.”

The five answers from above suggest a word of eight letters. (Special note, ignore punctuation.)

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels, Pt 5:
A Spot of Blackmail

“Their refusal was ignored by the foolish girl, and she eloped with a Frenchman who loved ballooning. I met him briefly when they came to announce their nuptials, and claim the bride price. The beastly man had the pretension to refer to himself as an aero4. 1 3culate that he has likely burned through the dowry, which was not large, given his lack of prospects and the scandal of their marriage.

“Keeping the scandal quiet has been quite a challenge, and if it had been unsuccessful, it would be known the 6 and breadth of the Empire.”

“The family has worked hard to keep out of the gossip, and that is precisely the threat contained by the message. The missive was short, but, clear. Pay a large 3 1o prevent the story from being revealed.”

Holmes interrupted, “Are you certain there is no one outside the family that know the true nature of Victoria Hanscom’s marriage?”

“Until that note, I was absolutely certain, Mr. Holmes. However, the courier was dispatched from somewhere within walking 8 of the Handscom’s Manor, as the courier did not arrive by any carriage. He was not, however known personally by any of the family that I know of.”

The four answers from above suggest a word of four letters.

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels, Pt 6: The Thief Unmasked

The butler paused. “Mr. Holmes, tell me sincerely, do I 4 2gal representation?”

Holmes grinned, “Are you anticipating a life scrubbing prison pots? Perhaps you’re thinking you will die from drowning in a fit of alco3 2uriency? Never fear, good sir. I know who is to blame for the missing jewels. ”

And, if you’ve a “puzzling” sort of mind, you have but to complete the tale.

The five answers from above suggest a word of four letters.