Introducing the Launch of My New Line of Customized Realistic Adventures Kits for Kids!

Cover of book "The Adventures of Justin and David: Episode I: The Lost Notebook"

Picture your kids on the cover!

Piles of broken toys.  Birthday presents that no longer get played with. Games with missing pieces.

What if you could give a gift that will survive forever in your child’s memory? A gift that you can share together, and that he or she will never outgrow?

How would you like to give the gift of wonder and adventure that will excite and enchant your children forever?

If you get excited watching your children accomplish something new on their own, or love seeing the wonder in their eyes as they experience the magic of a wonderful adventure story for the first time, you’ve come to the right place.

For the last year, I have been designing prototypes of my customized Adventure Kits for my nephews. These kits, which I initially created for them, start with a story, continue with an adventure, and end with a prize. It can take up to three or four days to complete each fun and magical adventure.

In essence, these Adventure Kits  set the stage for an immersive experience  for your children. They star your favorite kids, and involve the whole family in creating a memory of a realistic adventure experience that will last a lifetime.

Each of these kits begins with a story: lost treasure, an evil curse, hidden dinosaur fossils, coded messages, and magic worlds.

Your kids will be called upon to find the treasure, break the curse, unearth the fossils, decode the messages or save the magic kingdoms.  Parents get to put the adventure in motion by hiding the fossils, disguising the clues, and, for younger kids, reading the story.

Each realistic Adventure Kit is custom built for your children, and includes their pictures and names in a storybook and other printed items.

Your kit contains all the props and tools you need to set the stage for the adventure, and your kids will set out on their quest with a real treasure map in hand.

When the quest is  fulfilled, the kids can finish the story right in the book, writing and illustrating their own accomplishments.

The first Adventure Kit, “The Lost Notebook” is now available for you to buy. In it, your child or children will find the lost notebook of Professor Joseph Leidy. His notebook was lost 150 years ago, and, legend has it, gives directions to a cache of real dinosaur fossils! Can your kids find the fossils and solve a century-old mystery?

If you’d like to know more about Adventure Kits, here’s a collection of frequently asked questions and other details.

“The Lost Notebook” kit costs $100. If you are including additional children  in the story, add $5 for each child, with a maximum of  three children can be added. Each child will have his or her own dinosaur skeleton toy to keep that they get break out of  plaster.


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