Lost Treasure Painting

Framed painting in purple hues with a golden frame and matching floral inset device





















In 1820, Peru was campaigning for its independance from Spain, and the situation in the city of Lima became desperate, and the city was evacuated.The city’s leadership decided to protect the city’s treasures and send them to Mexico for safekeeping. Priceless stones and art valued at millions of dollars was packaged and secured on a ship under the command of Captain William Thompson.

The riches were far too tempting to the crew, and they decided to steal the bounty. They killed all the passengers accompanying the treasure to its safe hiding spot, and the pirates took the treasure to an island off the coast of Costa Rica, where they buried it, planning to return at a later date.

The crew was captured by the Spanish, where all but two of the crew, were convicted of piracy and hanged. The two remaining sailors, Captain Thompson and his first mate, agreed to lead the Spanish to the stolen treasure in exchange for their lives.

When they arrived at the island, the two men managed to escape, and were never seen again.The treasure was never found.

In 1870, a man claiming to be the son of Captain Thompson brought this painting to the SHUSH Museum. He claimed that the painting and the inset item were the keys to decoding a very complicated puzzle that would lead to the location of the treasure. On the back of the painting is a cypher which has never been decrypted, It is thought that the building in the picture represents an important landmark on the island, or perhaps the true key in question is the inset floral decoration inset below the image, Numerous expeditions have been undertaken by the members of SHUSH, but, to date, nothing has been discovered.

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