Spoons from the Last Supper

Spoons from the Last Supper. 13 spoons, hanging on a wall

The story of The Last Supper is well-known. As Jesus entered the Jerusalem, he sent his disciples to find a man carrying a jar of water, and that man would take them to a house where they would spend the Passover. When they arrived at the house, all was prepared at the table for the meal.

This would include the utensils for the soup served as the first course. While most of the meal would be eaten with the hands alone, soup is more challenging to consume with hands alone. After the dinner, the group went to the Mount of Olives where Jesus would be arrested.

The spoons were collected by the house servants, and upon hearing that the teacher that had been their guest of honor the previous evening had been arrested, the spoons were separated from the normal household goods. Within a few days, after the guest of honor had been convicted of crimes and executed, members of the house reported that those who held one of the spoons were filled with a sense of great peace and well-being.

As the notoriety of the teacher spread, stories emerged that the man had been raised from the dead, and that he had been seen by hundreds of people, who were telling the story of this miracle. And people would come to the place where this man had taken his Last Supper, and they would hold the spoons, and experience that miracle.

The legend of the Miracle of the Spoons persisted over the decades, and eventually the set was passed down within the family of those that hosted the Passover meal. Centuries passed, and the family’s descendants, no longer believing in the legend, and needing cash, sold the set to a member of SHUSH.

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