Adventures in Ireland

Pasture at the Viewpoint by Pam Brophy.


Welcome to Ireland Central.  As I post a new story, I’ll collect them all here. There will be a few before I leave the last week of April, and I hope to have pictures and stories daily while I’m there, exhaustion permitting.

*Update to say, I got zero posts done before I left, and then, I only got one post done while I was there. I’m working on filling in the gaps every night. Since this post exists, I’ll keep adding the links to the posts here, as I complete them.

Post 1: Ireland: Day the First

Post 2: Day the first, Part the Second

Post 3: Ireland: Day the Second

Post 4: Ireland: Day Three

Post 5: Ireland: Day Four

Post 6: Ireland: The Day that comes after Four

Post 7: Ireland: Day Seven Minus One

Post 8: Ireland: One Week

Post 9: Ireland: A Week and a Day

Post 10: Ireland: Day the Next

Post: On the Train to Belfast

Post 11: Ireland: Day the Next Plus One

Post 12: Ireland:Bank Holiday

Post 13: Ireland: Penultimate Day

Post 14: Ireland: Day the Last

We are in Ireland!  We leave for Day three in a few hours, but, I feel better about myself for having posted something at long last.

Post 1: The Search for Brinsley Barnes (Week of April 7) Postponed!

Post 2:  Preparing for the Expedition Postponed!