New Year’s Evil

FireworksFor the single person, New Year’s is the second most depressing holiday. The first, of course is Valentine’s Day, which is old news..

There’s much anticipation about having a kiss at midnight, to welcome in the New Year. I suspect that the champagne bottle is not an acceptable choice. It saddens me, because he’s always available, and looks good in black.

There’s also the part about midnight that’s daunting. You mean, I have to stay up until 12:00? They still have one of those in the middle of the night? Don’t they know I have to get up really early?

It seems like a young person’s idea of a perfect holiday, get dressed up, eat a bunch of almost-food that they will not have to worry about giving them any sort of digestive distress, drink until the lampshade looks like a hat, get sentimentally smoochie at midnight, which is still early, and then make a bunch of noise, light firecrackers, and then sleep the day away.

I vaguely remember the appeal of that.

Now, I’m thinking staying out of the cold, wearing my cozy pajamas, and going to bed at a reasonable hour sounds really nice. Having an array of special, festive snacky things might be okay, too. I could watch a movie. Aside from “special, festive” food choices, this is starting to sound like any Friday night.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t snack too much on Friday nights, festive foods or not. Movies are not typical, either, unless you count having it on in the background while I stare at the computer. Yeah, me neither.

Maybe, I could go to bed at the usual time, and set an alarm for midnight so I can kiss the champagne bottle, and then, roll over and go back to sleep. That might work. I do get to sleep in the next day, after all.

It’s possible I’m getting too old for that, and it wouldn’t do to get stuck doing that again this year. I should mix it up a bit. Maybe find some other beverage to kiss, like maybe some diet soda. Fewer calories, and still bubbly. Cheaper, too. Certainly, something to consider.

Maybe I should be sociable. I could have some friends over, we could break out some board games. Sure, most of them have kids who they have to put in bed before midnight. That’s not a problem, we could have a sleep over! The kids can have sleeping bags in the office, and the parents can crash in my living room, and we’ll all bring in the New Year together!

Nope, not at all pathetic.