Purchase a customized, handwritten letter from Santa!

Santa Claus Reading Letters  image by e-pyton from Fotolia.com

It’s time for the next little custom written goody to capture the imaginations of your children.

You’ve probably heard of a jolly old elf named Santa, right?

And, I’ll bet your children have heard of him, too.

Well, how amazing would it be if that patron of children and generousity sent a personalized, handwritten letter to your children?

Starting TODAY, you will be able to have exactly such a letter under your tree on Christmas Day.

This is a very special letter.

First, I am limiting the number of letters, and I will only be making 25 of them. Each of these letters will be hand written for *your* children. I’ll mention the gifts they will be getting from Santa, I will reply personally to any letter they wrote or requests they made of St. Nick this year. No two letters will be exactly alike.

After replying to your child(ren)’s personal requests or questions, your children will get an exciting story about Santa’s adventures at the North Pole.

The story is original each year, and your kids will hear about the wonder, magic and danger of life at the North Pole.  This year, Santa will share his harrowing tale of being captured by Ice Giants, and how he escaped their clutches in time to save Christmas.

Each letter will be written on festive holiday paper. They will be mailed two weeks prior to Christmas, so that you are certain to have them in plenty of time to nestle under the tree with the rest of Santa’s gifts.

These letters, at least four full, hand-written pages, will only cost $25.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy a Santa letter now!