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Have you ever read a book that sunk so far into your imagination that it was real to you?

I know that nothing captured my imagination more than a terrific story. I loved visiting whole worlds hiding in cupboards and wardrobes, worlds which were as real to me as my own backyard. I had close friends who were half-pint pioneers, literate spiders, hairy-footed heroes, and detectives in deerstalker hats.

I longed to visit these places. I longed to be the hero in a story.

That’s the magic of these kits.

You can put your kids into the story and fire their imaginations in the same way that you were transported to a magical world in the pages of a book.

And the next best thing?

You get to make the magic happen.

You get to set it all up, and see your kids’ faces as they realize “The Lost Notebook” really does have a map that leads to *real* dinosaurs.

Those looks on kids’ faces inspire me. Igniting a child’s imagination and building experiences for the whole family? That’s what keeps me walking down this path, and why I’m so excited about Adventure Kits. You will share with your whole family an experience that none of you will ever forget.

Join me on this path! We can inspire imaginations together.

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