Answering Your Questions About Adventure Kits

I’m looking at the calendar, and realizing I’m only a little less than two weeks from having an actual product for sale.  I’m hoping to talk through some of the questions I’d be asking if someone offered to sell me an Adventure Kit, and I thought you all would like to know more.
Why do these kits cost so much?

While the kits are standardized in terms of the basic story and materials, adding your pictures and children’s names to the book and creating a custom cover is done by a human and not by a computer simply merging the details into the story. Every story is customized with convincing details to the story so that it is truly about your children. This is not just an exercise in copy/paste. For “The Lost Notebook,” the title prop is handwritten, with a custom map and drawings.

What do I get in an Adventure Kit?
What comes in The Lost Notebook
Each kit contains a full-color storybook customized with your pictures of your child or children, In addition, each will include the items needed to make the adventure convincingly real for your children. In book one, “The Lost Notebook,” you will get one dinosaur fossil kit per child, the lost notebook of the title, the full-color storybook, instructions, and a page of educational info about the very real professor in the story. For the upcoming pirate-themed adventure, you’ll get the full-color book, a treasure chest filled with gems, jewelry and coins, a bottle with a message in it, and several hand-lettered clues.

Why is there a maximum of three children per story?

The story sets the stage for the adventure, and is not very long. As such, it is difficult to give more than three kids something meaningful to do, that will be believable, and will allow each one to be involved in the story’s set-up.  If you are looking for a special event for more than three children look for the birthday party kits coming soon. These kits will have all the basics you need for a party — the entertainment, cups, napkins, goodie bags and more. All you need to do is add the cake!

Can I get an extra copy of just the book?

Absolutely! Grandparents or other family members might want a copy of the story, and they can be purchased separately with the purchase of any kit, for about $15 with shipping and handling.

How long will it take to receive my Adventure Kit?

After your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an e-mail with a questionnaire which will collect your kid’s full names, and ages, plus directions on how to submit up to five pictures. As soon as we’ve received your questionnaire and pictures, we’ll start putting your book together. When the book is ready, we submit it to a print-on-demand publisher, which takes up to two weeks to print and ship to us. When the book arrives, we package it up with the kit materials and ship it to you via Priority Mail from the USPS. We’ll send you an e-mail when we’ve shipped your kit.

Look for “The Lost Notebook” on August 20. There’s still time to get on the mailing list and claim your 25% discount on this dinosaur adventure!

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