Word of the Day: gynotikolobomassophile

I’ve gotten behind again, which is my own fault. This means that I’m going to use this old story, which is on the short side.  The word is almost longer than the story.

Today’s Word:


As in:

This is the story of Orring, the little gynotikolobomassophile who lived hislife happily moving from one face to another. Orring was one of the most fortunate of souls: He got to live his passion. Dangling above a shoulder, Orring could enjoy countless hours, securly positioned in the object of his affection. Never had there been a gynotikolobomassophile with such luck! For you see, Orring was in the most enviable of existences for a gynotikolobomassophile, he was a lovely earing of solid gold.

gynotikolobomassophile: /GYN-o-tiko-lobo-masso-PHILE/ Someone who likes to nibble on a woman’s earlobe. Again, yet more proof that there is indeed a word in the English language for everything.