Word of the Day: epicene

It’s a good day when a story can be told in less than 200 words. It’s not often, but, today was one of those days.

Today’s Word:


As in:

The National Security Agency declared that the Furby, a furry, epicene creature, is a severe risk to national security and has banned it from the premises of the NSA.

The toy, which has a recording device and computer chip installed inside, is
designed to “learn” and repeat phrases. Many believe that the toys are rapidly
becoming “almost sentient.”

However, many NSA insiders note that one of the reasons for the ban stems from suspicions that several of the recordings made by Linda Tripp were made with a Furby.

Others suspect that the Furby, given its “foreign” origins, is more than just an
evil recording device, but a minion of the corporate world designed to
“ferret-out” all the secrets of the world, transmit them to various Illuminati,
and then turn into robotic soldiers with small tactical nukes. The powerfully
armed creatures would then gain mobility and take over the world for their evil

Time will tell.


Short and sweet. There it is. And I’m done.

epicene: / EP-eh-scene / Androgynous; hermaphroditic.