Word of the Day: epuration

I’m in something of a cynical mood tonight, which might be reflected in the following story. Maybe, if I can get it sent out in the next few minutes, a good night’s sleep will help.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Yesterday, the CEO of BP announced that the company would be giving 20 billion dollars to a fund to assist the people whose livelihoods have been affected by the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

This amount does not change BPs financial commitment to the clean-up or absolve it of responsibility for any fines that might be levied against the company.

In other news, BP executives have announced they are filing for bankruptcy, and have hinted that they would like to request a special bailout package. These hints were part of the press conference presented on the subject of the bankruptcy, where the spokesperson read from a prepared statement. The statement indicates that the company believes that, like AIG, BP is “Too big to fail.”

“BP is committed to the clean-up efforts in the Gulf. We have not changed our stance that we will pay for all legitimate claims, however, we have to pay our executives bonuses, bribe members of the Mineral Management Service, pay lawyers, and put 20 billion into that small people fund. In addition, we just lost millions of gallons of oil into the stupid ocean, and we’ll never get it back, well, we’re pretty skint at the moment.”

Public opinion regarding the disaster and the prospect of yet another bailout is hostile. Taxpayers are demanding a radical epuration of the BP management, and, if a bailout package is approved by Congress, some people have indicated that there will be violence.

I’m not entirely sure that was fiction. It’s feeling a bit too real to me.

epuration / ep – YOU – ray – shun / a purge, especially of officials suspected of trechery. Purification.