Word of the Day: illaqueate

I suspect this might all be getting tiresome, but, today’s story also flows from the previous story. I had no idea that any of these stories even knew each other, much less that they were related. It’s sorta rude of the stories to keep that hidden from me until the last minute. I mean really, you’d think that would’ve been nice to know before now, I could’ve tied them together in a more effective way, and planned it better. But, oh, no. No one tells the writer anything.

Today’s Word:


As in:

The discovery of the Panticore, a rare and unusual creature, has captured the imagination of conservation groups around the world.

“It is clear that the Earth has been granted a rare gift. One of her children has been returned. It is a miracle, and it is imperative that we don’t squander this gift. We would like to put the Panticore on the fast track to being declared a protected species, and grant it all the privileges accorded to such a creature,” announced Kristy Jenkins, a spokesperson from the World Wildlife Fund.

Legislators have been bombarded with e-mail requests to have the creature listed on the endangered species list. An account has been set up, where people can text donations to protecting the habit of the creature, and zoos around the word have been clamoring to have the first specimen on display.

All of this for a creature that did not exist until yesterday, and has not actually been proven to exist.

Many attempts have been made to illaqueate the creature. Traps have been set in previous “kill zones” and efforts to predict and track the storms of falling men have been redoubled, in hopes that this will make it easier to prove the existence of the creatures, and possibly find out more about it.

Some of the hunters have less than altruistic designs on finding the creature. Upon learning that it was worth 9,000 XP, many have formed small groups, armed with all sorts of tools, to find the creature and “level-up.” Many of these types of groups have made claims that they spotted one of the creatures, but, were unable to defeat it, and others claim they have defeated at least one of these creatures, but failed to collect any substantive evidence.

“Of course, *if* the creature is proven to exist, and *if* the creature is linked to the human rains, well, then, logically, it will disappear again as soon as El Nino has run its  course, which should be soon. It’s sort of a self-correcting problem. And all of this is a big ‘if.’ Frankly, I can’t believe this story has gotten as much mileage as it has. People need to calm down and wait for these ridiculous stories to have some backing by solid evidence. Right now, it’s just a bunch of hearsay,” said Dr. Leon Kentworthy. “This has really just gotten out of hand, and needs to stop.”

Okay. I think that’s the last we’ll see of the Panticore. Probably.

illaqueate  /eh LAK wee ayt/  to entangle, entrap, ensnare