Word of the Day: benison

So, if you had to get to Magic Mountain from Yellowstone, and you didn’t know where Magic Mountain was, what would you do?

I’m really asking, here folks. Help a sister out, will ya?

Okay, fine. I’ll just make something up.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Finding the lake shore sign less than helpful, the two visitors tried to figure out their next move.

“Well,” said Marshall, “The map says there’s a Visitor’s Center. If there’s anyone who fits the description of ‘visitor’ more than we do, well, them I’d like to meet.”

After stowing their boat, and way home, Off towards the visitor’s center they went. Fortunately for them, they happened to make it during business hours, and found a helpful park ranger.

“We’re looking for the Magic Mountain.” Said Marshall.

“Which one?” said the park ranger, who looked quizzically at the strange manner of creatures asking him questions, but did not seem the least bit plussed at their fantastical natures.

Marshall was taken aback. “He wants to know which one.”

Hector was not prepared for there to be more than one. “Ask him to tell us where to find the closest one.”

Marshall relayed Hector’s question. The ranger said, “That would probably be the one in Idaho. You need to go west, and a little north.” He pulled out some maps. “See. It’s located near Idaho Falls. Of course, it’s not ski season, so, they’re probably not open.”

“Open? Marshall asked. “A mountain can close?”

“Sure. If it’s a resort mountain. Hmm. You’re probably wanting the one in California, though. That’s the one I really think of when someone says ‘Magic Mountain.’ I’d recommend heading there. It’s also west.” He pulls out another map. “it’s not on this California map, but you can take it. It was left here last year by some guy. Of course, when you get closer to a city, you might want to just ask Google.”

“Google?” asked Marshall, very confused by the word. “Is that an Oracle of some kind?”
“Uhhh. You don’t know Google? Where are you from? Outer space? Next you’re going to tell me your friend here is named Charlie, and you’re not taking him to Magic Mountain, you’re going to see Candy Mountain. Don’t go Charlie!”

“Charlie? No, my friend is called Hector. We’ve from Malicovia.” said Marshall “I don’t think that’s outer space, but, it is another world. You have been very helpful. I would like to leave you a benison of some sort. How about: ‘May your scales never itch, and your wings never falter.’ That is a powerful blessing amongst my people.”

Armed with a map and a plan, the two head west.

I’m feeling a bit startled that we can see the end of March from here. Where did the time go?

benison / BEN – eh – zen / blessing, benediction