Word of the Day: couloir

I have become increasingly uncertain as to the purpose of this introduction. It used to be the part where I stalled to come up with a story idea. Occasionally it was the part where I simply procrastinated and avoided getting into the story. Lately, I’m feeling that the introduction needs some actual thought. What does it do? Is it simply a habit that has overstayed its welcome?

While there’s a multi-part story going one, like the Oscars and this epic tale of a clumsy dragon and the unicorn of short stature who is his pal, is seems to serve as a bit of a “previously on,” which is perhaps, useful. I guess, if it’s not, you can just skip onto…

Today’s Word:


As in:

The two travelers arrived at the end of te river, and in the distance saw the Oracle’s island. There was no convenient passage to reach it. The current was swift and the water deep.

“If you make one syllable in the direction of ‘How about we just fly over there,’ I will tear your eyes out.” said Marshall.

“Why would I even bother when you already made such a syllable.?” Hector replied.

“Ha. Ha. So, baring the miracle of flight, do you have any brilliant ideas on getting across?”

“No. Perhaps this is where we decide to chuck the sticks back into the river and forget the whole thing. We’d be taking a stab at being much more character driven than plot driven. I’m good with that. Really, I am.”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious about this Magic Mountain? Maybe it’s sparkly and made of swirly colors! Or Maybe it’s covered in silver trees, and can help numb skulls like me fly.”

“You’re not a numb skull. I’m starting to think that this Magic Mountain is some colossal joke cooked up to send us traipsing all over a million different worlds. There’s got to be a boat around here somewhere. certainly, there’s never been a hint that the Oracle discriminates against the flightless. If she does, well, I’m filing a complaint. As soon as I find someone who gives a crap.”

Sure enough, hidden in a tide pool, there was a boat, tethered to a little dock. a sigh was posted. “Oracle ferry. Back in 10 minutes. maybe 15. Make it 20.”

So, they waited. about 30 minutes later, a small figure emerged from the forest. He looked like some sort of gnome, but, neither had ever met a gnome, and had thought them to be fairy tails.

“You want to go over there, do you? It’ll cost you in more than gold.”

“We don’t have any gold. If it costs, we’re done and outta here.” said Hector, hope rising.

“He! Don’t be like that. How come no one ever comes with money? Geeesh. Fine. I’ll take you. Not that I had anything better to do.”

The gnome, or whatever it was, navigated the waters easily, and delivered then to the Oracle. “I’ll wait for you here,” he looked less than convincing.

They entered the Oracle chamber. It looked like all the Oracle chambers you’ve seen in movies, cavern-like, With some rough columns in a sort of circle, and dingy, with some ancient looking carvings, and, some weird bubbling smoking cauldron.

“Hello?” Marshall tried to draw out whatever manner of creature was living in this hole. Why did Oracles seems to live in such ridiculous places?

From out of nowhere the Oracle emerged. “Find the couloir in the Jimnic Mountains. You will find the Cavern of Passage. Seek the blue stalagmite, and perform the Ritual of Pulwasup while in the yellow cushion, and you will find the Magic Mountain. Take your swim suit. Get your hand stamped to be re-admitted. Flying is overrated. ” She sounded bored. “Thank you, come again.”

This took a long time, because, I couldn’t figure out how to get them across the stupid river. Good grief.

couloir / cool – WAR / a steep mountainside gorge, or a passage through the mountains.