Word of the Day: prorogue

Greetings from snowy Denver. Many people got a snow day, I got a snow half-day, and have to go in at noon. so, I slept in a bit, and shoveled a bit, and am hoping I can get this all done before I meander to work. I am also hungry, but, that’s not particularly relevant.

When we left our heroes, they had been given an impossible quest, as a sacrifice to keeping the peace between two warring races. Today, the quest begins…

Today’s Word:


As in:

Marshall and Hector left the meeting hall, and walked out of the village, saying nothing. As soon as they were out of the glow of the village fires, they stopped, and stared at the road stretching before them. It looked longer than it ever had, and instead of feeling inviting, it was throwing rotten vegetables.

“Now what?” asked Hector.

“No idea. Usually in these sorts of stories, the wise council gives the intrepid band of misfits something more useful than, get the heck out of town, and don’t let the fact that we’re sending you off to die keep you from hurrying off to that particularly grisly fate,” grumbled Marshall. He paused.

“I’ve heard that there is a place that grants passage to other worlds, but I don’t know how to find it.” Marshall looked defeated. “With our luck, it’s one of those dragon places that can only be accessed by flying.”

Hector looked at him. “You will fly one day, and if it’s the only way to get out of this mess, then, we’ll figure it out. Probably.”

“I’ve heard that there is an oracle on an island, where the river meets the ocean. Maybe she will be more useful than the Council. Conveniently, it’s also not a path we have to find, we just follow the river. It’ll also be convenient to prorogue any actual need to fly, or any decision on simply abandoning this whole quest, and just never come back to this crappy place,” said Hector.

The two followed the river for a few miles, until it was really and truly dark. They found food, a place to stop for the night. In the morning, they pressed on.

They didn’t talk much. Marshall eventually risked a question. “Why do they hate us so much? Are we really *that* embarassing?”

“Of course we are!” said Hector. “We’re annoying because we’re proof that our species can co-exist. Of course, they’d like to believe it’s because we’re defective, which makes our friendship just another one of our disabilities. I, for one, find it to be my favorite ‘short-coming.’ ” Hector smiled at his friend, who couldn’t help but laugh.

I had planned to only have this tale carry on for five days, but, I couldn’t seem to make it fit, and hit all the bits of my outline. So, I think it’ll be going for a full two weeks. I’m stunned, too.

prorogue / pro – ROGUE / 1. to discontinue a session of (i.e. parliment or Congress) 2.to postpone or defer.