Word of the Day: recrudescence

I believe the tentacled time-thief has been messing with me, as mornings haven’t settled back to normal for me. So, I’m hoping to be back on track tomorrow.

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As in:

Greenlighting a sequel is never an easy or clear-cut decision. Those in control of the purse strings usually want to have some guarantee, or sense that the second round will be worth the risk, and that the huge investment will reap some hint of a tangible reward, and provide some positive economic gain.

Naturally, the performance of the first production weighs heavily into the decision. Did it turn a profit? Was it more successful in the secondary markets? Does it have an active base of support, and brand recognition? Does it garner positive support in polls or surveys?

Other factors can influence the process. Perhaps the project is drawing big-name attention from A-listers absent in the original production? Maybe there is significant positive buzz surrounding the development and pre-production process?

Possibly, the most important aspect facing the producers of this particular property is the state of the economy as a whole. Would it be worse if they did nothing to move the plans forward? Was inaction better than the huge investment of time and money? Could the signs of recovery be too tenuous? Could we all be looking at a recrudescence on the horizon, one that will make matters worse?

And, it could be that the situation will turn out to be the very thing that sparks the decision. In a moment of extreme crisis, will those in charge pull the trigger? Could it be, at long last, the ignition of “TARP 2: Too Small to Succeed?” Or maybe it’ll just be called “TARP 2: The Guilty Continue to be Funded While the Victims Continue to Pay,” or “T2:TGC2BFWVC2pay” for short.

This might be another one you go back and re-read.

If there is a TARP 2, perhaps the trailer will start something like this: “Just when you thought is was safe to enter the investment market…” or maybe “In a world were people are not held accountable for their greed and arrogance….” 

recrudescence / ree – kroo – DESS – uns / to break out anew after a dormant period. Usually refers to disease or war.