Word of the Day: tittle

I feel like guilt has really eaten my lunch this week. I can see light, but, I hear a train whistle, and I feel like that light is mocking me.

Today we’re going to go to the latest offering from the Coen brothers, A Serious Man. It’s a more loosely based adaptation on the book of Job than O Brother, Where Art Thou  is a version of The Odyssey, and that’s saying quite a lot.

The one thing this has going for the theme is *actual* guilt, which is different than the happenings in the book of Job, where the title character is innocent. So, it’s time for Hashem to give this “Job” the what-for.

Today’s Word:


As in:

And the Lord said unto Larry, “Why hast thou accepted unto yourself the money of convenience? That money of false witness?

And Larry looked unto the Lord, and said: “Why did I take the bribe? Is that what this is all about?”

The Lord said unto Larry, “Thou believeth in mine wrath, then question not mine ways. Thou hast done wrong, and thou hast annoyed the Lord by raising children of poor quality and allowing those of your house to join the Columbia Record Club.”

Larry said unto the Lord, “the Columbia Record Club? You’re mad about the Columbia Record Club?”

And unto Larry the Lord spoke, “Yes.”

Larry shook his head, and said unto the Lord, “Really?”

And the Lord sighed, and spoke unto Larry, “The offerings were not pleasing unto Mine ears, and thou hast received the monthly selection and not made payment unto them. Thus saith the Lord, Thou shalt not Steal. Furthermore, thou shalt make joyful noises unto the Lord, not noises of painful ear-searing unpleasantness.”

And Larry muttered to himself. “Great. The Lord is a music critic.”

And the anger of the Lord was made complete.

“Speak not with a tittle of disparagement on thy lips! The Columbia Record Club is an abomination, oppressing the weak of focus. Furthermore, thou shalt not revile The Lord, nor curse His ways! I shall smite you where you stand!”

And he did, leaving Larry a smoking stump of a former human. Some said that this death was more merciful than the one promised by the advanced pancreatic cancer Larry’s doctor had discovered in his physical.

The sound in my head of the words “And the Lord spoke unto Larry” was worth the whole rest of the story.

tittle / TIT – ll / 1. a small distinguishing mark, such as the dot on a lowercase i or j. 2. A very small part or quantity. It appears in translations of some verses of some New Testament verses, so, it seemed appropriate.