Word of the Day: calumny

Is it me, or did Lost toss a lateral last night? That was a packed opening, and all I can say is “wow.” Well, that and “I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it.”
Today’s story is short, but, perhaps it will strike a chord with you. Perhaps you will look into the window of the workplace and see yourself joining in the battle with Sam, making the world a better place one returned writing implement at a time. It’s sorta like the Word of the Day, bringing just a touch of brightness into your day. That is my hope.
Today’s Word:
As in:
After many years working in offices all over the country and in many different industries, Sam Gelbhart had finally had enough. His experience with a large sample of public and private workplaces gave him unique insight in what would prove to be his true calling. Sam was striking out on his own and forming a business which would fulfill a much ignored, and potentially huge niche market.
Sam was going to become “The Righter of Workplace Wrongs.”
As defender of the victims of every office wrong, Sam planned to make millions protecting office workers from colleagues who always steal their pens, ransacked hidden candy caches and who engage in water-cooler calumny. No longer would the office be a place where people left the break room littered with dishes, the refrigerator filled with furry Tupperware, or the coffee pot burners remained on to scorch the coffee dregs into crusty black shells. Sam would ferret out each and every violator of workplace civility, return pens stolen, prevent coffee scorching, and assure that each worker would never have to have a falsely maligned reputation.
Sometimes, I really hate those pen stealing types. Happy Wednesday, everyone.
calumny / CAL – uhm – nee / the malicious uttering of false charges calculated to damage another’s reputation.