Word of the Day: xylophagous

While it is new to this site, I got caught up in a bunch of things today, and didn’t get a new story written, so, to some this is a re-run. It’s a good one though, I think you’ll enjoy…

Today’s Word:


As in:

Everything was going well at the Mother Goose Reunion. Miss Muffett, Jack Spratt, and Little Jack Horner were setting the buffet with curds, whey, Christmas Pie, and low-fat hot cross buns. The guests had planned contests and games for all to enjoy, including candle-jumping, wall falling, and carving. No one even minded that Jack
Nimble, Humpty-Dumpty, and the Farmer’s Wife always won.

And then the lovely afternoon was spoiled by the unexpected arrival of the black sheep of the Pumpkin-eater family. This was the brother no one ever talked about. No one acknowledged the evil, xylophagous Ralph. He was far worse than his brother Peter, even with Peter’s domestic violence problems. Not only did Ralph live in a pine coffin, but he ate toothpicks, old false teeth, tent stakes, popsicle sticks, and park benches. Worst of all, his name was anathema to all present, as “Ralph” does not rhyme with any word in the English language. The unfortunately named Ralph was an outcast to his people.

Short and sweet.

xylophagous / zeye – LOF – ag – us / Feeding on or in wood.