Word of the Day: curmurring

Since last week’s “Ghost Hunters” inspired tale was well received, my brain hatched another one, just in time for date night. Come with me as we take a look into the world of the paranormal, hearing the thoughts of the ghosts themselves.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Grant: We’re not going to hurt you, we just want you to give us a sign that you’re here.

What the Ghost is thinking: “Sure. Like you *could* hurt me. What part of “dead” do you NOT get?”

Jason: “I’ve got a flashlight here, maybe you could turn it off for me? That is if you are here? Come on, turn off the light!”

The Ghost thinks: “What am I, a trained seal? You’re not the boss of me. Why would I want to touch your stupid light.”

Grant: “Some people think you’re a coward. Let’s show them! Turn off that flashlight! Unless, of course, you’re a chicken?”

Ghost: “Why those punks! They called me a… Hey! Wait a minute. They just want me to turn off that light. Not fooling me, bubba. Nope. I didn’t die yesterday, you know.”


Brian: “Como estas? Ghostie? Habla EspaƱol?”

Ghost: “That’s Hilarious. They think the Brazilian ship captain is still here. Idiot. HE SPOKE PORTUGUESE you imbecile! And he wasn’t sticking around this dump for eternity, I’ll tell you that much. He had better things to do.”

Steve: “I bet it gets lonely up here with no one to talk to. I’m here. I’ll talk with you. Now’s your chance.”

Ghost: “Why would I want to talk to you? It’s much more fun to rattle my chains when there aren’t any cameras about. After all, the unsuspecting are vastly more amusing. I don’t act on cue, silly mortal!”

Brian: “Hey! Did you hear that sound? that sorta rumbling sound? I think that might’ve come from over there.”

Ghost: “That?! You thought THAT was some sort of paranormal sound? That could be no more or less than your own curmurring! Eat something you shouldn’t have, did you? SOOOOOO glad I can’t smell anymore. I feel bad for that other fellow…”

Grant: “Let’s get the lights on and pack-up.”

Ghost: “Wait! Don’t leave! You guys were fun! The night is still young! Come back! Guys! Hey, I’ll talk to you now! Guys!”


curmurring / cur – MUR – ing / the murmuring, low rumbling sound produced by the flatulence moving through the bowels… Yeah. I swerved a bit into the land of potty humor. Oh well.