Word of the Day: furibund

Today has been long. Mondays can be painful. I’ve got nothing to say as an introduction, except maybe, RIP Patrick Swayze. This year has sure been lethal for celebrities, hasn’t it?

Today’s Word:


As in:

Today on “Supernatural Solidarity,” we take a look at the portrayal of vampires in the mundane world. Why the sudden upsurge of vampires in television and movies? Do these works of humankind accurately portray vampires? Are they a positive step towards a better future for vampiric kind? Do humans have a right to reveal a world they have only experienced in fiction?  If you’ve got something to share, call us at 555-SUP-TALK. We have Justin on the line, go ahead.

Justin: Yeah, thanks for taking my call. As a vampire, I resent all these “defanged” vampires. I mean, honestly, it’s sick. People! You are prey! WE eat you! Stop trying to pretend otherwise and stop showing your creepy fetishes! I am a heartless, cold-blooded killer, and I’m not going all schmoopy for some rosy-cheeked, toothless waif. I got news for you: YOU’RE FOOD! AND, FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM NOT SPARKLY!

Thank you, Justin! No need to get all furibund! Let’s hear from Andrea. Go ahead, you’re on Supernatural Solidarity!

Andrea: Hi! Long time listener, first time caller. Love the show. I think the portrayals of vampires in the media set unrealistic expectations for young vampire girls especially. Not all of us look like Mirian Baylock or even Darla. And certainly, not all Males look like Robert Pattinson. Self Esteem is important!  They not only get the message that every vampire should like like human actresses, but, that all vampire guys want are human girls, and that’s not at all true.

Interesting point, Andrea. Our next caller is Nathan. Take it away!

Nathan: Personally, I love that humans are telling tales of cuddly vampires. Makes them easier prey. They think I’m going to take them for a nice dinner and conversation, and that I’ll be a perfect gentleman, and then… Whammo! Juicy, tasty human! The looks on their faces when they realize I’m eating them and not saying something inane? Priceless.

Ah, Nathan, you rogue! Next from Sandy. Hello, Sandy!

Sandy: I just called to say that I don’t think humans and vampires were meant to coexist in any relationship other than predator/prey. Take the notion that synthetic blood might be widely available, and the world becomes aware of us. Does anyone feel like we’ll turn into fluffy bunny rabbits? I can’t go home to a my crypt without a nice victim for dinner. You can give us all the synthetic blood you’d like, but we’d rather hunt. I’m not the only one. The thrill of the kill is about more than blood, it’s about family.

That’s all the time we have today. Join us tomorrow, when we talk about the most offensive Halloween stereotypes. That’s all for now from Supernatural Solidarity!


furibund / FUR – eh – bund / Maniacal, frenzied, or rabid.