Snow Day, Yay?

Working from home has many advantages, but, today I learned of one disadvantage. Denver was struck by a blizzard, and while most everyone got at least a partial snow day, I, who wasn’t going to face the asphalt jungle anyway, had no excuse not to work.

I’m feeling ripped off.

While my friends lounge in PJs and enjoy an unexpected, paid day off at home, I’m sitting sadly at my computer screen trying to figure out how to make the situation work for me.

“Um. Didn’t you hear? Huge blizzard. Yeah. Kitchen Pass was closed, and I couldn’t make it to the office, you can just give me money, right?”

Sure. I could take a weather day, but, there’s no money in it for me. Which means, I had to brave the elements, find an alternate route to the office through Bathroom Flats, and make the best of a snowy day.

As I sat in front of my computer, it was sorta like looking out the window at the kids enjoying recess while I served my detention in the classroom with the teacher. They laughed and played, their red, happy faces positively glowing with exuberant joy.

This is not a particularly powerful motivational tool.

“But, Mrs. Larson! All the other kids are making a snowman! We’ve not had snow in ever so long! I’ve never even gotten to make a snow ball since <i>last</i> winter, and they’re making snow men and snow forts and angels and having a huge snowball fight! Can’t I do my detention <i>tomorrow?</i> I promise I’ll stay in all next week! <i>Please, Mrs. Larson? Please?”</i>

She ignores me.

I stare at the computer. I hit the reload button. Facebook tells me that everyone else is having the Best.Day.Ever.

I decide I should shovel. That’s the ticket! I’ll get my responsibilities as contentious neighbor and homeowner done, and take a break from all the nothing I’ve accomplished, and I’ll get it out of my system! Brilliant!

I shovel. There’s about four inches, and it’s fun to be out in the winter wonderland! I get done way too soon, and go back inside.

It didn’t help.

I’m still staring at the computer. The snow continues to fall. Some of my friends, who went to work, have now been sent home. Although it’s taking them 8 times longer than usual to get home, they are getting paid to sit in traffic. They’ve got a nice weather-related war story to share with the other storm survivors for years to come. I’ve got deadlines and a blank screen, taunting me. They’re going to get to stay home Friday, too. I hate them.

Wait a second. Maybe I don’t hate them. I can <span style=”font-style:italic;”>use</span> this. Harness the pain to some sort of lame blog post! Yeah! That’s the ticket! But what will I do tomorrow?