Word of the Day: caliginous

Every November, we welcome that annual tradition, so well known to all Americans, that brings celebration into every home. But, it is not Thanksgiving of which I type. It is November sweeps.

In honor of November sweeps, this week I offer a series of stories which embodies the excitement of this hallowed fall tradition. One of the tropes of television during sweeps is the “crossover.”  So, for your enjoyment, I’m offering my own “crossover” craziness. In today’s tale, the high-powered humans of “Heroes” are shining under the “Friday Night Lights” of Dillon, Texas.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Peter Petrelli felt a sense of déjà vu. Here he was, in Texas, at another high school football game on a Friday night. He remembered the first time he’d been on a “Save the Cheerleader” mission. Being a hero was fun then. Things were simpler. The characters were all likable, and the plot lines didn’t seem like a confused mess. He also had powers back then. He just wasn’t quite sure what they were.

Now, here he was, showing a picture of Lyla Garrity, in her cheerleading uniform, to the young, determined looking coach. He hears someone refer to him as Coach Taylor. The coach looks at the picture. “You’re looking for Lyla? Why?”

Peter pauses, “Well, my niece, here, is transferring from Odessa, and is wanting to talk with someone on the Dillon squad about joining them next year.”

Coach Taylor looks a bit suspicious, but, then sees the young blond woman walking up towards them. He points to the area where the cheerleaders are warming up, getting ready for the game.

He turns to Santiago, his new transfer student, who happens to be an up and coming running back, just in time to fill in the void left by “Smash” Williams. (You thought Santiago was a soccer player? Not so much.)  “I heard there was an eclipse tonight. I don’t think it will mean anything, but, I’m not going to start you until the second half just to be sure.”

The game begins, and proceeds without a hitch until the beginning of the second half.  Panthers go into halftime leading 13-10. The eclipse has started.

Just two minutes into the 3rd quarter, Claire Bennet notices that a sniper has taken position across from the Panthers side. He looks to be taking aim toward the cheerleaders. The eclipse is close to complete. Just as the moon becomes enveloped in a caliginous shadow, a shot rings out. Clair jumps in front of Lyla, and takes the bullet meant for her, knowing she’ll be able to heal. However, as soon as the bullet hits, she senses something is wrong. She’s not healing.

The Panthers go on to win the game, inspired by the “super” performance of Santiago, who has changed somehow.

But, what has happened to Clair? Can her powers be gone forever? Tune in next week!

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. Those were the days.

Until tomorrow, sports fans…

caliginous / cal – EHDG – in – us / dark, misty.