Word of the Day: bombination

This story was originally planned for Halloween, but due to mysterious circumstances, which included a guy with attitude problems and a flesh-eating virus, well, there were difficulties.

Of course, today’s word seems appropriate to me for other reasons. I’ve stopped answering my phone, because the only calls I’ve been getting are from robots, or from people who call me “Kathryn,” and are annoyingly cheerful. Enough, already. Seriously. You’re just annoying at this point, and I’m a hair’s breadth away from voting against you and all your causes out of spite.

Today’s Word


As in:

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Pumpkins carved to look like Daleks, complete with radio controls.


Daleks are never simply pumpkins.

It must be something about the name, or the little antennae, because apparently, there’s no such thing as a “completely harmless” Dalek.

When the radio powered to life, the little elaborately carve gourd started emitting an ominous bombination. Soon after, a tiny, yet eerily hostile, “Exterminate,” began to repeat, over and over.

Clearly, we needed a pumpkin Doctor to defeat this menace.

As the little army of orange Daleks advanced, my brain finally regained some sense of composure. “Wait a minute! They’re still only pumpkins!”

I went into the house, found a baseball bat, and made short work of the monsters, saving the world from being taunted by relatively harmless radio-power pumpkins. Still, being covered in pumpkin guts is no picnic.

This story was inspired by these pictures. http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/DalekPumpkin. It’s probably wishing that I wouldn’t have been inspired, after all, it’s hard to justify claiming “inspiration” for anything when the intro is longer than the story.

bombination / BOMB – n – a – shun / buzzing, droning