Word of the Day: eolian

I’m writing an introduction to this story, but, I’m not even sure why. I think it must simply be a habit.

Today’s Word:


As in:

The wind blew. It was a windy day. True, not the sort of day you wanted to watch the Particulate Matter Parade, but, well, the timing was always one of the parade’s weak points.

The parade, which was started to celebrate the often poorly represented types of floats that threw candy or other treats to the spectators, is a tradition that few miss. The planners of this event have but one requirement—all entries must shower the parade route with particulate matter.

Normally, such floats as the “Elephant Spray,” “Woodchuck Sawdust Shower,” “Ebola Eruption,” and “Shrapnel Surprise” were quite popular, however, on a windy day, the eolian particles were downright uncomfortable. As the exhibitors continued to produce a flurry of floating flotsam, spectators were rushed to the hospital with severe eye traumas, multiple lacerations and the early warning signs of massive viral infections.

Yes, I do know the Ebola would not survive long enough to infect a parade-goer from a float. And, I also know that the incubation period of 3-10 days, so the people wouldn’t have the signs of a viral infection that quickly.

At least it’s now Tuesday.

eolian / ay – OH – lee – an / borne, deposited or eroded by the wind.