Word of the Day: culicide

Today, I have reflected on things, and really, I’ve been enjoying most of what this year has proffered. Not everything is perfect, of course, like the continued existence of brussels sprouts, but, hey, it just might be that those nasty green vegetables serve a greater purpose. Maybe they keep the world safe from fascism, or promote the cause of down-trodden roasting chilies. Who knows? For me those little miniature green cabbages have served as nothing more than the introduction to…

Today’s Word:


As in:

In secret, violence always continues. In far-away lands, a never-ending war is fought in jungles and swamps. The victims, with tiny faces and eyes, are, if one bothers to look, recognizable to each and every member of the human race.

Of course, no one is bothered to look at these nameless creatures. Nobody bothers to protest their demise, not one cry of anger is raised against the dark enemies of all that they are. And as innocent blood continues to be spilled, and the populations of defenseless civilians become decimated, there are no sanctions placed upon their brutal antagonists. No NATO force is convened to defend their land, and no court convened to punish those who participate in their extermination.

And amidst a worldwide complacency, the culicide spread by men in gas masks continues. Poison clouds rise from the atomizers of the destroyers, killing in the name of their God, eliminating that which they do not attempt to understand.

Sadly, this destruction will continue if you do not pledge your support. Friends, I urge you to stop this madness. You can end help end the violence. You can prevent the senseless slaughter of innocents. Join the movement to put an end to the slapping and the swatting! Stand up now and defend the common, the helpless. Become one of the thousands who refuse, every single day, to kill the lowly mosquito. You too can become a friend to them.

Become a member of this growing movement, and get a free “I’m a Mother to a Mosquito” T-shirt, just for pledging your support. It’s easy, and — it’s the right thing to do.

In the spirit of full disclosure, there isn’t a free t-shirt. And, there’s not really a movement to protect mosquitoes, as shocking as that must be to you, my gentle readers.

culicide / CUL-eh-side / a poison that kills mosquitoes.