Postcard 002 – Please Send Me

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Postcard002 - "Please Send Me. Greetings to you, lucky finder of this postcard: This card is all ready to be sent to someone who would love to hear from you. All the postage is paid. Simply add the address of someone who would enjoy a surprise in the mail, and a few sentences from you, and stick it in a post box."

Are you a finder of a card that looks like this? Get out your address book and mail it, free within the U.S. If you’d like to mail it to someone overseas, just add 82 cents of postage, and it’ll make its way across the ocean. And, tell us where you found it, here:

Did you get this card in the mail?

Starting the first week of July, cards looking like this one will be released, starting in the Denver metro area, and then around the country.

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