Popcorn Tree

The Popcorn Tree. A tree covered in white, fluffy flowers.
In 1898, botanist Hiram Englehardt successfully created the world’s only known Popcorn Tree. Despite many attempts, Englehardt was never able to create a second one using his controversial hybridization techniques. Many others have attempted to follow in his footsteps, but to date, no one has been successful.

The tree, standing on the grounds of the grounds of the SHUSH Museum, produces 1.5 bushels (90 pounds) of popcorn annually. The corn is suitable for popping, and is served exclusively for members at special events held on the Museum grounds.

There are some who would identify this tree as a Dogwood tree, and indeed, the main root stock was taken from a variety of Dogwood, and the popcorn, which resembles the berries of the Dogwood tree, develops over the winter, in the same fashion as Dogwood berries.