Word of the Day: yisse

This is a short tale, and I admit, I wrote it many years ago, when Sally Jesse Raphael was still on television. So, it’s a tad dated, but, so long as you know that she was a talk show host, well, it makes sense.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Driven by the success of that Oprah Winfrey’s book club has granted to books that might otherwise have been low-key, low volume sellers, other talk show and radio hosts are themselves following her example.

Jerry Springer’ s Book Club this month features “The Anarchist’s
Cookbook,” and Springer himself offers to have his guests bring their
‘creations’ ┬áin for the audience to sample. Previous Springer picks have
included Jeff Foxworthy’ s “You Might Be a Redneck” book, the “Collected
Works of the National Enquirer” and “150 Ways to Widows can Annoy a Cousin’s
Necrophilac Wife after she’s Slept with your Brother and Married your

Sally Jesse Raphael, not to be out done, and, driven by her jealousy for
Oprah’s popularity and power over the publishing industry, is also trying to
project a cultured, literary, image. Says Raphael, “I yisse adoring crowds
that will jump the instant I speak to recommend some dumb book”

Raphael’ s first picks, she admits, are not for everyone, and she insists that
“while they aren’t quite the ‘high-falutin’ crap that Oprah recommends, they
sure are a heck of a lot less depressing.” Her selections recently have
included a Harlequin Romance novel (any will do, no specific title is needed),
any book by Danielle Steele, John Grisham’ s “A Time to Kill” and “The
Rainmaker” (because they both have movie versions, and well, that Matt Damon is pretty cute in ” The Rainmaker.”)


I thought about updating this one to make a more relevant reference to some other talk show host, but, I’m being lazy. It’s a thing.

yisse: /YIS-ee/ to desire, covet.