Word of the Day: hypothimia

This weird little idea came to me tonight, and, as I had nothing better, well, it’s going to come to you too. Don’t thank me yet.

Today’s Word:


As in:

In your hour of need, call Home Comforters.

When tragedy strikes the most vulnerable among us, it is important to know who to call. Our experienced staff will come and sit with your Home, keeping it company, bringing the comfort and care most desperately needed.

It is no laughing matter. Whether your Home is grieving the loss of a shingle or of a whole roof, we’ll be there. When your Home is scared of the dark, and you can’t be there, we will be there.

Your Home is not just your biggest investment, it’s a member of your family. When it hurts from the pain of remodeling, or is facing the trials of tornado or termites, we provide strength.

There is no hypothimia we cannot heal. If your Home has become withdrawn, lost interest in life, and shows no pleasure in activities that once brought great joy, it is time to call the experts. Your Home deserves the best, and there is no other firm that can provide the amazing results of Home Comforters. We treat your Home like family.

It should be no surprise in this day of depressed Home prices that suicides amongst Homes have reached record levels. Don’t let this happen to your Home! We can bring your beloved dwelling back from the brink of despair, reconnecting it to loved ones, and making sure that its mental health needs are met.

Other firms may claim to have achieved excellent results in the field of Home Mental Health, but only Home Comforters, with its patented “Home Health Method,” has earned the certification as a licensed Home Healer. We are bonded and insured, so, your peace of mind can remain intake while we treat your Home’s peace of mind. Call now. You have nothing to lose but your Home.


I think my Home is calling me. No, that would be my bed. Much better.

hypothimia / high – po – THEME – e – ah / Profound melancholy or mental prostration.