Word of the Day: ramet

There is much going through my brain as the week ends, but, frankly I’m to tired to think about it. That sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? I think it’s a sign that I need to get to bed pronto. 

Today’s Word:


As in:

Last week, a coroner went live with a web site listing unclaimed bodies in his jurisdiction. The coroner hopes that the site will prove useful in moving his vast inventory, and will save the county some of the cost of disposing of the remains.

Coroners everywhere are faced with the reoccurring problem of unclaimed or unidentified remains. Bodies are dropped off for autopsies or other forensic tests, and them no one ever comes to pick them up. The coroner feels that, like dry cleaners, he should have the right to “get rid of” the unclaimed bodies.

“Everything is on the Internet now. Think of it as a Facebook for the recently deceased.” said Myrna Jenkins, the office manager. “Even the dead can benefit from social networking. Of course, it brings added poignancy to all those people who’ve ever commented that their social life was dead. In the case of our lifeless friends it’s literally true.”

Facebook declined to comment on the comparison, but, seemingly in reaction to this idea, has finally released a “dislike” button.

“And,” said a spokesman with the coroner’s office, “quite frankly, with all of the cloning experiments going on, it’s becoming difficult to find room for each cast-off ramet that comes along. We really need to do something with these bodies. I figure the Internet is the best place to put them, and maybe they’ll find good homes, some may go to schools or even to the people that really care about them. And we’re going to make sure that there are precautions taken so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands. That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?”

The site lists the members of the collection like this: “Blond S(?)WM 35-40 seeks proper burial someplace. Have intriguing birthmark and bullet wound.” 

I’m just going to leave it at that. Time is not improving this story, and it’s not getting any less creepy. I’m not entirely sure what the cloning thing has to do with the story. I guess it’s mostly filler. hopefully it was amusing filler.

ramet / RAY-met / any of the members of a clone.