Word of the Day: attitudinize

Tonight’s dinner, strangely enough, was the inspiration for this story. I wish the muse would strike earlier in the day, because it’s harder to get these done at the end of it. But, if I’m lucky, or really productive this weekend, maybe I’ll get ahead again. That would be really good.

I’m also looking at my to do list, and it’s about to give me heart failure so, I’m just going to get a blind fold. If the following looks like it was typed by a kid mashing the keyboard, well, I probably am wearing the blindfold, which is strangely detrimental to proofreading.

Today’s Word:


As in:

“I’d guess that the knife cut laterally across the flank. There are at least ten cuts parallel to the first one. Then a series of cuts at a 90 degree angle to the initial cuts, creating almost a grid. Each piece is about one inch squared. The real question is why anyone would make such a pattern into the flesh like that,” noted Carol. “The precision is admirable, but, it seems so unnecessary.”

“Why must you attitudinize everything?” Jin asked, “I thought you’d be more curious about the presence of the peppers. The cellular structure has broken down significantly, and it’s not just the heat or the amount of time in the vessel. If I had to guess, I’d say that there was underlying cellular damage before they were heated. Possibly, they were frozen, and then thawed. The cell walls were completely gone, and the pulp has practically disintegrated.”

“I was intrigued by the smell. It had an earthy smell, with a hint of sweetness, rather like cumin. It could be a hint to the kill zone, perhaps it picked up some traces of the actual place where the butchering occurred. Is there someone that can look at the particulates, and give us some analysis?” Ken sounded hopeful, but, uncertain that such a small thing could be identified, even with the talents of a lab guy such as Matt.

“That cumin idea is spot on. Well spotted, Ken. I think there’s just a trace, but, you’re right on about it.” Jin smiled at the young man encouragingly. “Looking at this trace of efflorescence on the edge of the container, I’d guess we’re looking at a sea salt originating in possibly San Francisco Bay, or Cape Cod. I’d really like to have Matt peep at that, too.”

“I hate to say it, but, I can’t help but appreciate the skill that went into preparing this. It may be the death of a poor creature that began this whole event, but, it has brought us together, and we don’t see each other as often as I’d like.” Carol paused, her brow furrowed slightly.”And, don’t think less of me if I admit that there is a certain artistry to the whole thing, and I am enjoying the challenge it has offered us all.”

Carol looked around at the assortment of smiles and nods. Everyone seemed to be in agreement. They went back to their work, talking, and sharing tidbits of information and insight at their shared repast. After all, It was dinner time at the Kwon household.

I think that’ll do for tonight. And, if you’re curious, I had a ham and lentil soup with cumin and garlic, onion and bell pepper, cooked all day in the crook pot.  It was delicious.

attitudinize / AT – teh – TUDE – in – eyes /  to assume an affected mental attitude: pose.