Word of the Day: adduce

I am starting to seriously suspect that sleep deprivation and the fact that Mercury being in retrograde have pushed my sanity over the edge. Though, that’s probably the sleep deprivation talking.

I had not really intended to link today’s story with yesterday’s story, but, it needed some “filling out,” and they seemed to be a good pairing. Like red wine and beef, or Dr. Pepper and Taco Bell.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Authorities have begun to alert the public regarding a very dangerous creature on the loose. The creature, long thought to be a myth, is a relative of the Manticore, and is known as a Panticore.

The terrifying, man-eating creature has the body of a lion, and a head resembling panties. Glimpses of the monster have been seen following the bizarre “Rain of Men” storms, devouring the remains of the precipitation.

To adduce the existence of the creature, several eyewitnesses have provided impressions of the tracks left by the creature. Some of the tracks resemble talons, or the feet of dragons. Others look like the feet of lions, matching their bodies. It is unclear whether these are the same species of creature or two separate species.

Adding to the intrigue surrounding the creature, in addition to the skeletons of human prey, many of the kill zones are littered with the indigestible parts of iPads. The only theory onĀ  why these are found amongst the debris is that they function as some sort of after dinner mint, and the creatures have found them an additional enticement to choose a particular human.

Some scientists have speculated that the Panticore might only appear, like rarely blooming desert plants, after a series of “Man Rains.” Since there has been no record of such storms, and the creature had appeared to be a myth, it is possible that the two appear in conjunction. These creatures might simply be nature’s way of handling the introduction of large volumes of digestible flesh to the ecosystem, and returning it to balance.

It is further speculated that the creature is nomadic by nature, can become invisible, likes to shelter amongst lilac bushes, has a strange entrancement ability, low-light vision, and worth 9,000 XP.

Experts agree that the scientists involved in investigating these events should probably get some sleep, because their theories appear to be based on something other than actual evidence, and sounded more like they’d just been up late reading the newest Monster Manual.

Today is Babe Ruth Day, but, it is also National Tell a Story Day. I hope this is story will suffice.

adduce / AD – dus / to offer as an example, reason, or proof in discussion or analysis