Word of the Day: acapnotic

Has this week been weird for you? It has been for me.  I’m glad it’s almost over.

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As in:

Recently, a man in Iowa filed a lawsuit against his acapnotic neighbor contending that his neighbor has “caused him egregious amounts of pain and suffering, contributed to his poor health and inflicted inordinate amounts of mental anguish.”

The plaintiff, Jacob Lawton,  believes that the “subtle, yet undeniable criticism of his neighbor” actually encouraged the plaintiff to increase his utilization of nicotine and led to an advanced case of lung cancer. The neighbor admits he often warned the plaintiff of the dangers inherent in excessive smoking, but, says he is not guilty of causing mental anguish.

Lawton contends that the “holier-than-thou” attitude of his “vegetarian, tee-totaling, Bible- thumping, cross-wearing, hymn singing, alms giving, Pollyanna grinning, goodness and light spreading sick-o” neighbor has led him to a life of misery.” Lawton further asserts that the pressure and guilt he felt living next to this “pillar of the community” for 20 years has led him to smoke 10 packs of cigarettes a day and drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which has caused a severe case of liver damage as well as lung cancer.

The neighbor, Carlos Solano, believes that the lawsuit is beyond ridiculous, and expects that the court will throw out what he considers a frivolous lawsuit. “I’m being sued for peer pressure? That’s got to be a first of some kind. I didn’t talk to to Mr. Lawton very often, and only occasionally did I mention how good it felt to breathe the good morning air that the Lord provided. Once I mentioned that my uncle died of lung cancer from smoking, but, that was because I wanted to see if Mr. Lawton would water my lawn while I was traveling for the funeral. He gave my such an unpleasant look, I found someone else to do it.”

Solano says he had no idea that his neighbor felt any guilt or anguish over the way he lived his life, but that he wouldn’t change things. “I thought being a good example was a good thing. I’m sorry that he felt anguish, but, I don’t think that’s my fault.”

Happy Friday Eve, everyone.

acapnotic / a-CAP-not-ik / a non-smoker.