Word of the Day: sacrosanct

I’ve been trying to postpone working with James Cameron’s opus to white guilt until next week for a few reasons, the biggest of which is this; I know it’s likely the movie most of you have actually seen which means I need to have a good idea for it.

But an idea came to me via an article I read, and I had no better ideas for any of the other nominated movies, so, here it is, a look at the power of guilt in the movie Avatar.

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Movie-goers have been flocking to see the movie Avatar for many months now, breaking box office records and being one of the most talked about movie experiences in decades.

Many of these same people, when exiting the movie, indicate that after seeing the film, they are feeling depressed and even suicidal as they leave the theater.

Viewers have so identified with the Na’vi, who live on Pandora in harmony with the natural world around them, that they want to start their own Na’vi tribe, and try to find a more meaningful existence.

One group of people is doing just that.

“I know I am really a Na’vi. I feel spiritually connected to them, and I know Eywa (the mother goddess of the Na’vi)  will welcome me. I want to live a meaningful life, not one  where all I do is destroy the planet in the name of wealth,” commented Peggy Joslin, one of the founders of the Na’vi in Exile. “We have an obligation to Eywa to nurture our world and bring it back into balance. This is a tall order for our world, but, I must try. Our planet is sacrosanct, and we cannot defile it any further.”

Some members of the group have been attempting to turn their skin blue through the intake of high doses of colloidal silver. Some of the more scientific among the group are trying to find a way to create the “genetic fiber optics” that the Na’vi have in their hair stalks. “I’m really looking forward to have an “always on” connection to the world.” says Matt Trathien, one of the Na’vi in Exile.

Critics of the group have wondered how people from our technological world will cope with the “natural world” as it really is. “I bet most of them will be back at their homes with their running water and flushing toilets within a week. It’s not easy to go from our world, with its stores filled with pre-killed meat, and ready to eat produce. These people are as unprepared for a ‘native’ lifestyle as a baby is ready to drive.”

Happy Friday Eve everyone. Have a good day.

sacrosanct / SAK – row – sangkt / most sacred or holy.