Word of the Day: pelf

I’m shocked that it’s Tuesday, for no particular reason. I can’t decide if I’m feeling like it should be earlier in the week, or if I’m shocked that I’m feeling like Tuesday is exactly what day it should be. Think about that, won’t you?

Today’s Word:


As in:

Excitement is growing as the nominations for the third annual Memmy Awards are to be announced later this week. Speculation has been rampant, and rumors abound that there will be some controversy in the nominations.

The Memmys, awards granted by the Academy of Office Arts and Sciences for achievements in the field of office work, are just starting to gain momentum and a following among the aficionados of office trades. They have floundered on the edge of obscurity until this year, when so many watching the banking world under the microscope of the TARP bill.

Most coveted is the award for “Best Production,” A category in which reports and proposals of all kinds can be nominated. Expected to get a nod are the developers of “Google Wave” for their developer preview it <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=v_UyVmITiYQ” target=”blank”>Google I/O</a> which made Google Wave seem much cooler than it actually is. Another front runner, until it was actually announced, was Steve Jobs, for presenting the closely wrapped and highly anticipated tablet for Apple, which turned out to be called the iPad, and was also not nearly as interesting in reality as the item was speculated to be prior to its announcement.
Other hotly contested awards include “Best Worker in a Supporting Role,” “Best Worker in a Lead Role,” “Best CEO,” “Best Original Memo” and “Best Adapted Memo,” for achievements in memo writing.

There are many who think the Memmys are a waste of time, given that the best performances are not likely to be acknowledged. Many observers of the field of office work note that really excellent work, worthy of acknowledgment, takes place in offices all over the country, but it’s in a company no one has ever heard of, or the company itself isn’t in the news media everyday, so no one even notices it. Some note that an office works best when no one even notices how well it is working, which seems to indicate that the offices most worthy of acknowledging are the ones that will never get a Memmy Nomination.

Controversy is likely to infiltrate the nominations in the category of “Best CEO” as the nominations packets included, Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s CEO, who was not facing a massive recall scandal when he was considered a front runner for the award. While most winners of the award expect to see a small increase in money or riches, should Toyoda be awarded the prize, all that Toyota received in 2009 might be considered pelf.
I admit, this was, in part, inspired by Conan O’Brien’s Audiency Awards, given for the sitting and viewing arts.

Admittedly, the iPad announcement would unlikely be eligible for the 2009 Memmys, since it wasn’t announced in 2009, but, I just don’t care that badly. Quite likely because the Memmys don’t exist.
pelf / PELF / money or wealth, esp. money or wealth acquired by reprehensible means.