Word of the Day: pervicacious

I am sitting here typing as a means of jogging my brain into an idea of some sort for today.  It’s feeling vaguely hopeless, but, I’ve only got about an hour to write this before I have to post something.

I’ve been having not-so-fun computer issues all weekend, and am grateful for the use of my sister’s other laptop so that I can get anything posted at all.


How was your weekend? How ’bout them Saints?  The commercials acquitted themselves nicely, didn’t they? The Olympics start on Friday. I wonder if Vancouver has any snow. HMMMMmmmmmm. Yes. Snow. That might be an idea. 

Today’s Word:


As in:

For many years, Vancouver has increasingly served as “little Hollywood,” where television and movie crews can work at a substantial savings over similar facilities in Los Angeles.

The proximity of so many talented producers and directors, has lead Vancouver’s city fathers to seek them out in their time of need for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The city needs snow. And, if it can’t get any, or make enough, they figure the <em>illusion</em> of snow might just be enough.

“Hollywood’s special effects wizards can do anything. If they can transport an audience to a world where unobtainium can be found, well, a little snow should be child’s play.”

One company is modeling the Vancouver slopes for the downhill races, which competitors will navigate using skiing simulators. When several athletes protested that no simulator no matter how good, can create a world-class skiing venue,  one pervicacious modeler insisted that it will look and feel “pretty much” the same. “You won’t have cold, or wet, or crashes, but, other than that, it’ll be identical. Identical. No one will even notice. They’ll probably even like it better, since it’ll all be warm and dry.”

The company will take motion capture of the athletes, and marry their performance onto the rendering of the mountain, providing NBC with footage of skiers going down the slopes as if they had actually skied the course. “No one will ever know. Well, except the people who read this.”

Another company has created vast quantites of a biodegradable fake snow for cross-country skiing events. It conveniently washes away with the rain, so clean-up will be easy. The downside is that multiple applications will be required over the various courses during the 16 days of events.

When asked about the cost for this special effects wizardry, a city official stuck his fingers in his ears and said “NAHNAHNAHNAHNAH. NOT Listening. NAHNAHNAH.” Later he could be heard to be muttering “Who picks a host city for a Winter Olympics that only has a 27% chance of having snow in February?”

Thank goodness introductory brainstorming, eh?  Welcome to your week.

pervicacious / per – VEH – kay – shus / very stubborn