Word of the Day: pliskie

It has been a long week for me, and I’m very much looking forward to the weekend. My brain needs a break in the worst way. I hope you enjoy today’s tale.
Today’s Word:
As in:
Today in Asilleeplacein, Iowa, another school yard was the site of a tragic school shooting, when twelve-year-old home-school student, Peter McEllen Jr., opened fire on his second grade class. Fortunately, McEllen, an only child,
did not hurt anyone.
According to Tommy Tomlinson, a witness and sometime associate of “Stinky Pete” (a nickname of the gunman), McEllen was mad about being suspended from school the previous week for bringing a gun with him to the breakfast table. His mother, Nancy McEllen, has a strict “no- tolerance” policy about school violence.
“We can’t have kids bringing guns into our classroom, it detracts from the learning environment. Backyard violence will not be tolerated.”
After confiscating the gun from her son, Mrs. McEllen put it “right back in his father’s gun cabinet, where it belongs,” and “grounded/suspended the naughty young man to his room” to “think about what he had done.”
A statement issued from the McEllen household indicates that Pete was “tired of being called ‘Stinky’ by all the neighborhood kids, especially the insufferable pranks of Tommy Tomlinson, who was known to have played a pliskie on the junior McEllen the previous day. Tomlinson, who is noted as being an athlete, and is regarded as a “jock” by his public school cohorts, was likely McEllen’s target, according to local authorities.
Witnesses claim that McEllen, as he shot wildly around the yard looking for a target, complained that he’d “have a target at a public school.” These witnesses also claim that McEllen, as he was led away by police for discharging a firearm in a residential area, commented that he “would’ve gotten away with it in public school.”
The notion for this story partially came from a conversation I was having at work with a co-worker. Of course, it was not a notion that was completely implicit in the conversation, but it popped into my warped little brain at the time for some weird little reason.
pliskie / plis-KEY / practical joke, trick.