Word of the Day: myrmidon

I hope no one was permanently damaged by yesterday’s story. I’m not sure I will recover, but, that’s a whole different story. Currently, I’ve decided to blame the fact that I’ve been doing training all week this week, and in conjunction with backwards stories, my brain is feeling more than a tad wrung-out. I’d really like to get some of that brain juice back, thank you. If anyone knows a wholesaler or has a good hook-up, I’d be much obliged.
Today’s Word
As in:
As the number of users on Facebook continues to grow, so do the number of people who report strong feelings of guilt  every time they log on to the social networking site.
“When did Facebook become such a nag?!” says Heather Walsh. “All those hints to reconnect with Joey, or say what’s on my mind? They’re worse than my mother!”
Walsh says that logging into the site used to be a really fun. She played a few of the games, and loved seeing what was going on with old school chums, but, now, all she gets is what she calls “the guilt.”
“Facebook keeps suggesting I be friends with a bunch of really pathetic people from my high school, like I would ever even hover over the link to their name with my mouse pointer. Does Facebook think I’m in the habit of giving charity? Because those people are complete charity cases. Now, every time I login, all I see is those sad people. It’s like looking at those commercials for abused animals or people in Africa. I just can’t look at them. It makes me feel bad. The worst one is the picture of my mother. Like I’d ever be her friend. I’d have to, like, stop posting pictures from wild parties and stuff. No way!”
Another frustrated Facebook user noted that “I used to be the perfect myrmidon. When Facebook suggested I write on Jaimie’s wall, or suggest friends for Pete, I did. And then, Pete un-friended me, and changed his phone number, and Jaimie thinks I’m stalking her. I’m not doing that any more. Besides, I have more important things to do. Like hiding in the bushes outside of Jaimie’s house.”
A few users are thinking or giving up on the system all together. “I heard that Facebook is going to start charging, and that they’re selling all my information and possibly driving the planet into the sun. That sounds pretty scary to me, and I don’t want to be a part of it. I tried to join all the groups that would force Facebook to change it all back to the old design, and add a ‘dislike’ button, and they didn’t even say anything. I’m totally going to delete my account. Well, maybe after I level up in Farmville.”
myrmidon / MUR – mid – on / a loyal follow; esp: a subordinate who follows orders unquestioningly or without mercy. Ten points to anyone who can remember the Greek origins of this word and share them with the class. Anyone? Bueller?