Word of the Day: chrematophobia

Good Evening, everyone. I had a story idea all ready for tonight, but, I ran out of time to type it up, so, I’m punting again, a bit. I suspect the condition described in this story might be on the rise in the current economic climate.  I’m going to try and get it done for tomorrow instead.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Knowing that socks are the immature forms of coat hangars, two brothers decided to go into business selling coat hangars to local dry cleaning establishments. The two purchased inexpensive socks, and put them into the dryer and waited for the transformation to occur. When they opened the dryer, the two found that they had half as many socks as they had put into the dryer, with each pair missing its crucial other half. Upon opening the closets of their house, they were delighted to find that their store of hangars had, in fact, grown by exactly the same number as the number of missing socks.

Joyfully, the two fed the dryer more socks, until the eldest, who had severe chrematophobia, set fire to the dryer and ruined their opportunity to become wealthy business men.

Of course, you have all probably realized that socks, even inexpensive ones, are much more expensive than hangers, so, it’s clear that the chrematophobe had nothing to worry about.

chrematophobia /  shrem – AT – o – foh – be – ah / fear of money.